EP 4.5

EXP x90

Kill rate x2

Debuff Lapis (take 2 slots)

Level max : 60

Lapis max : 6

No Nostrums

Max elements : 2

Everything can be obtained in game

Enchant on level 15 gear : 10

Enchant on level 30 gear : 12

Enchant on level 60 gear : 14

Online players

Union of Fury
Alliance of Light

News & Events

Maintnance 11.01.2019 - Maybe bosses should be a little less OP after all

We seem to have gone overboard with the buffs on bosses last week. This being said, we don't want them to be too weak. The bosses that were buffed last week have had their Def decreased again slightly. This concerns Kimu, Sera, Neothistle and Ezella. Last week we missed a ninja buff to 15 and 30 bosses and mini-bosses. These have been rolled back for the most part but we may have forgotten one or two.
We heard your concern regarding the price and accessibility of potions. All potion prices have been decreased by 15-30% and level 39 potions can now be farmed in DD2 on all monsters. We have prepared a few new event bosses and monsters so get ready for some new events this week!

Maintnance 04.01.2019 - Bosses should be bosses, not weaklings

Our very first patch of 2019 is coming this evening!! Starting today, we will be starting a regular maintnance schedule. This means that the server will be offline for a short duration every Friday evening. This patch will mostly concern bosses as well as adding some loots to even mobs for the future! Bosses affected by this patch include:
Kimu : increased Def
Prince Neothistle : Increased HP and Def
Princess Ezella : Increased HP and Def
Seraphim : Increased HP and Def

The wolves spawned when the boss reaches the end of it's HP will be a bit stronger and might make those last 5% a bit harder if you don't kill them quickly!

Open Beta

Now that we have ironed out most of the game-breaking bugs thanks to the players who helped out for the closed beta phase, we're ready to launch a full-scale open beta that will roll over to the full release. Why call it an open beta if we aren't planning on resetting again before opening to the public? Because there still may be a few bugs here and there and we'd like you to keep an eye out for those! Head over to the server Discord if you have any questions about the server or want to report a bug!

Website Content / Design

The current website is a placeholder while we finish working on the real deal! It is not a permanent version and will be replaced as soon as the shiny new one is ready to go! We do not have an ETA for the website at this point in time which is why most features can currently be found on our server discord. If you find something that is broken on the website, please let us know via the server's discord!

Drop list

PvP maps

Proelium Cantabilian Karis / Raigo Stable Erde Deep desert 1 Deep desert 2